This workshop is for executives, EMBA candidates and alumni, and aspiring business leaders ready to take the next step in their career.

Market Your Brilliance in the Digital Age: Learn Strategies & Tools to ACCELERATE Your Career … all in 8 Hours  

London, UK Date: Sunday October 6, 2019 Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm  

Have you recently received the dreaded pink slip? Or are you happily, gainfully employed, but looking for what’s next? Either way, you must learn how to sell yourself effectively in the digital age in order to secure your next career opportunity. To do this, you need to establish, and communicate, a clear and compelling personal brand that distinguishes you from your competition and showcases your professional value. In this 1-day interactive, informative and inspiring workshop, you will not only learn how to develop a compelling personal brand, you’ll also learn how to convey your brand in a resume, articulate it verbally in person and communicate it online to your audience for maximum impact. Participants will walk away with the strategies and tools to make themselves #1 in a JOB SEARCH.  

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Few employees, no matter what their leadership position is in the organization, think of themselves as a “brand.” However, in order to compel a potential employer or recruiter to schedule you for an interview (let alone hire you), you must be able to articulate: What is so special about you? Why should they hire you? Knowing how to clearly and confidently communicate your personal brand is essential to standing out from the competition and getting hired. Another critical component is knowing your audience. It’s highly likely your resume will first be assessed by a software program. To make sure your resume advances beyond that initial evaluation and lands on the desks of hiring managers, you need to know how to write a resume that not only captivates the human eye but rises to the top in the automated review process (aka Applicant Tracking System or ATS). In this dynamic session, you’ll: 

  • Identify what distinguishes you from your competition
  • Clarify your unique promise of value
  • Learn how to market your brilliance and make yourself stand out
  • Develop a clear, captivating message that attracts people to you (aka your Personal Brand Statement or PBS)
  • Get insider information on the latest trends in resume format, resume screening, recruitment and selection
  • Discover the top 25 resume mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Analyze your current resume and determine areas for improvement
  • Express your PBS in your resume and your STAR stories
  • Select buzzwords to use for your specific career path (These are the keywords the ATS searches for when reviewing your resume and determines if your resume is rejected or flagged for human review.)
  • Learn how to write a new keyword rich and performance-driven resume  

This hands-on session includes a comprehensive workbook that walks you step-by-step through the process of reinvigorating and reenergizing your resume to make it through the ATS process and maximize interest from a human reader, so they reach out to you with next steps. PLUS, sample resumes showing how to express your promise of value throughout the resume. 


Only 9% - 19% of jobs are advertised. Executive Recruiters have the pulse on 11% - 16% of available jobs. Conducting an effective job search in a digital age involves understanding digital recruitment tools and trends, how your social media presence can help or hinder your quest for a new job and developing a networking plan to penetrate the hidden job market.  

In this engaging session you will:  

  • Compile a top 10 list of target employers
  • Draft or refresh your elevator speech
  • Start the design and content of your networking business card
  • Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to express your PBS
  • Find out how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to uncover leads
  • Discover the small (and free) steps you can take immediately to get a huge increase in visits to your social media profiles
  • Explore strategies to make your networking more effective and enjoyable
  • Gain a greater understanding of contingency vs retained recruiters and which recruiter option is the best for you

Also included: ❖ Breakfast ❖ Lunch ❖ Dynamic Networking Sessions during each meal: get to know the other workshop participants, practice your networking skills and develop potentially lucrative, career-enhancing connections.  


$ 400 pounds 

Location: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London SW7 4LH  

8:00am to 5:00pm  


What People Are Saying:

“I began my job search in November... and received job offers by mid-December.”

“I benefitted immediately from Martin’s extensive expertise in resume writing. He extracted from me achievements and accomplishments in prior jobs that I had taken for granted or forgotten. Martin’s use of language transformed my previously utilitarian resume into a vibrant document whose words leap off the page. Armed with the resume Martin crafted for me I began my job search in November, interviewed with several very cool organizations (mostly bypassing 3rd party recruiters entirely, another bonus) and received job offers by mid-December. Without Martin’s help, it’s likely I would have stagnated in the same role even longer, but his consultations made what seemed like a daunting task much easier for me.” 

- Perry Longinotti, Future Friendly HR Solutions  

“Martin helped me secure the next step in my career progression.”

“Martin was a catalyst of my current professional development. His resume-writing skills are second to none. Ultimately, his 100% personalized approach guided me to refine my current project and helped me secure the next step in my career progression.”

- Gaetan Solstez, International Business Development  

“I have 4 interviews set up all within 3 weeks.”

“After being self employed for 25 years, I reached out to Martin for help with my CV and career search techniques. I was starting the next stage of my career (at age 52). Martin was brilliant, after he reworked my CV and discussed career path search and techniques, I received instant response to my outreach, and I am happy to say that I have 4 interviews set up all within 3 weeks. Thank you, Martin!”

- Kim Buus Overbye, General Manager, Hollyburn Properties Limited  

“A day with Martin provided the correct current kickstart to my job search journey.”

“After 14 years of not needing to look for employment, a day with Martin provided the correct current kickstart to my job search journey. Martin is supportive and in short, knows his stuff. I feel inspired to start this journey and confident I have been put on the right path with some good tools now at my fingertips. Thanks Martin, for a great day and start!" 

- Marina Cocco


$ 400 pounds 

Location: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London SW7 4LH  

8:00am to 5:00pm  

About Martin Buckland

Martin is an engaging, compelling and powerful global speaker with an interesting personal story as a past member of several international Police Services in London UK, Scotland Yard and Canada. Then, as happens to many of us, his career took an interesting and highly successful turn in 1993 when he launched Elite Resumes (, one of today’s most recognizable and sought after professional executive career management services. Since launching his business in 1993, Martin has attracted a global clientele across the world as a leading authority in resume / cover letter writing, career coaching, executive coaching, job search strategies, personal branding, interview preparation, and as an expert social media career strategist. He is highly regarded within many international EMBA business schools as an EMBA Career Coach and has strong relationships with executive recruiting firms. His extensive database of senior executives is used as a resource by recruiters.